Top of Line Technology & Education

Our approach to gait analysis uses top of line technology in our Alter G treadmills that use force plates and video to give individualized gait mechanics and analysis.

In addition to technology we also have focused continuing education on gait assessment with specialization to the running athlete. Using that data combined with physical assessment of the entire kinetic chain lets us see which joint and muscle relationships may be causing gait deficits or pain with walking or running.

Patient-Specific Care

Using our technology and data, we work with out patients to build specific care plans to  to improve gait and running mechanics with reduced pain or risk of injury.

Each patient’s care is unique, so pricing varies.  In some cases, gait analysis may also be covered by your insure.

The Auburn PT Difference


Alter G Treadmill with force plate and video analysis of your gait.

Board Certified Orthopeadic Clinical Specialists using evidence-based practices.

Up-to -date and current knowledge from continuing education courses focused specifically on the running athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions