Ryen Bostick PT, DPT

Clinical Director

Physical Therapist


Ryen is currently residing in Saginaw but hopes to move back into the Bay City/Essexville area next year. As with many PTs, Ryen most enjoys working with athletes, especially with overhead throwing mechanisms, but also has experience in orthopedics of all ages, including post-op, spinal conditions, extremities, and some Vertigo. Ryen also has some experience with neurological cases and he is always open to learning more. In his free time, he spends a lot of time camping with his fiancé around the state, fishing, hiking and participating in all types of sports.

I had torn my meniscus and waited almost a whole year before I had it repaired.  So, I lost a lot of strength and stamina.  I was also over 100 pounds heavier at the time.  After surgery and during PT, I realized I need to walk more but it was hard to do.   So, I started working on the Alter G.  Within about 2-3 weeks, I went from just walking on it to jogging for 3 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. I’m the least athletic person you’ve ever met, but I love the Alter G.  I’m always sad when my time is up.   Thank you Auburn PT for all your help and encouragement in getting me to where I am today.


I have used Auburn PT several times over. I have received excellent treatment and could and would recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Jordan Schmidt has treated me as well, as has James on this last series of sessions. Even Amy, the front desk person, is very friendly and her smiley face is a bright when entering the facility. If or when I need PT again, I will be back to Auburn PT!