Breathing Posture

Injury Prevention
Auburn PT Physical Therapists
By: Lyndsay Pung, SPT How many of us have been told to put our hands over our heads to catch our breath after an intense workout? A lot of you are shaking your head yes or thinking about a specific coach who instructed you to stand up tall with an…

Britnee and Brandon having fun at work

Fun at work
Pie in the face
Britnee and Brandon having fun at work!   This is what happens when you lose a bet at Auburn PT… a pie to the face! 🤣😂 Posted by Auburn PT on Thursday, January 28, 2021

Now open in Midland, Michigan!

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Auburn PT Physical Therapy Clinic in Midland MI
Auburn PT is now open in Midland, Michigan!   We’re on the corner of Swede and Wheeler!  We invite you stop in, say hello, meet our therapists and check out our facility. Learn more about our newest location in Midland, Here.

Try This Shoulder Pain Hack for Better Sleep!

Tips and Tricks
Shoulder Pain Sleep Hack
Do you have shoulder pain? Difficulty sleeping is one of the most common complaints we get from people suffering with shoulder pain issues. Our therapist Jordan shows you a trick you can try in this short video that may alleviate your pain and help you sleep much better! Try This…