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Emily has been so instrumental in my recovery! They all give you encouragement along the way. The atmosphere is like a family which includes the patients! I have been so impressed… You are greeted at the door with smiles and I leave with one! I highly recommend OUR AUBURN PT!


I had torn my meniscus and waited almost a whole year before I had it repaired.  So, I lost a lot of strength and stamina.  I was also over 100 pounds heavier at the time.  After surgery and during PT, I realized I need to walk more but it was hard to do.   So, I started working on the Alter G.  Within about 2-3 weeks, I went from just walking on it to jogging for 3 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. I’m the least athletic person you’ve ever met, but I love the Alter G.  I’m always sad when my time is up.   Thank you Auburn PT for all your help and encouragement in getting me to where I am today.


I recommend everyone to go to auburn pt for there physical therapy needs they have an excellent staff and they don’t at all make you strain yourself to get a better range of motion and I loved going there they will work with you until you are healed and it was very satisfying for me to go there I am now pain free from the problems I was having in my back and I honestly cannot thank them enough for all there help and support they gave me to motivate me to get where I needed to be and be pain free from my back and I greatly appreciate them so much thank you all.


When I came in I couldn’t sleep at night.  I had such terrible pain in my lower lumbar area. Immediately…my therapist knew what I needed and what areas to target.  They went to work on my back and helped me immensely.  After just a couple of sessions, I already felt well enough to sleep through the night, so I was really happy about that.   I can’t say enough about what a great team they have an Auburn PT and the wonderful environment that is here.  It just feels good to be here.  I wasn’t looking forward to it originally, but once I got started I loved coming here.  I just can’t thank Auburn PT enough.   They really helped me improve my quality of life.


I started coming here after having both knees replaced.   After my therapy, I continued coming to the gym.  In the last one and a half years, I’ve lost 50 lbs.  For my 70th birthday, we went up north and I was able to do over 800 steps, no problem!  Thanks to Aubun PT!


Excellent Staff! Very knowledgeable, very friendly!


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I’ve been coming to APT for several years.  I used them for my 3 major surgeries.  My care has been excellent.  The diversity of things they have available to help rehab people is incredible, especially the Alter G.  The people here are very friendly.  They are all excellent in their jobs, and that’s why I continue coming here and relying on APT.


Loved physical therapy. I started with zero ability to use my arm, and now I have met my goals in a short amount of time. Everyone here is very nice.


I was having a hard time with my muscles. They have been doing an excellent job on getting me moving again. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in need of getting PT.